Welcome to My Blog

I have witnessed and read about many aspects of the criminal “justice” system in the United States. The problems that pervade the system not only harm those who are swept up in it, but they harm society as a whole. My plan is to use this blog to shine light on the problems in the justice system. I will also offer some proposed solutions. I know this is a long shot, but I would like this blog to be a place of conversation. If I am wrong about something, call me out. If you disagree, write me a response. If you have an idea, share it. If I end up writing posts no one will ever read, I am content to virtually scream into the abyss of the internet.

I am writing this blog under a pen name, because I want the ideas and problems I write about to take center stage. I want this blog to be about the issues facing society not about myself. I think the easiest way for my ideas to take center stage is for my identity to remain anonymous. Feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter. Also, you are welcome to send me an email.

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