Welcome to My Escape

Because I’m new at blogging, I decided to read a few articles about what you should put in your first blog post. Most of them said to use the first blog to introduce yourself. This is a hard task for me because I want to use a pen name and protect my anonymity. As you may have guessed my real name is not Dana Lucianus, I use a fake name because I think so often people disregard or judge things based on the person rather than the content. I also think an air of mystery makes things more interesting, especially in a time where everyone thinks they know everything about everyone else through social media.

The articles then recommend that you explain why you are blogging. Since before I can remember, I have always told myself stories in order to cope and entertain myself and escape the monotony of everyday life. I was usually alone but not really lonely. I tended to find the stories I made up in my head were way more interesting than the world around me. As a grew older, I began to focus more on the world outside of myself for practical reasons, but I never stopped loving to tell stories. I usually keep the stories to myself or share them with only a few people. I decided recently that I wanted to share those stories, and I thought this was a good medium to do so. Even if no one ever reads them, it is comforting to share stories even if it is the equivalent of shouting words into the void. I also want to share my work because I have always used storytelling and art as an escape. I think escapism gets a bad rap. I have found that stories, even those considered “escapist,” have helped me deal with real life.

This blog will be primarily fiction stories and some original artwork. I may post occasional opinion pieces, but it will mostly be a creative writing blog. I hope I can connect with people who like reading my stories, other authors, and people who will critique my work so I can improve it. Anyone who wishes to get in contact with me can reach out through the comments on my blog posts or through the information I provide on my contact page. I am excited to embark on this new adventure!

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